I have always been a child of Southern California. I was born in Los Angeles in 1960 and attended Grant High School in Van Nuys. When I was 17, my dad and I started Harbor Freight & Salvage Co., a tool mail-order business, in a small building in North Hollywood. After several years of success, it became Harbor Freight Tools; in 1985 I became president of the company and then CEO in 1999. The number of stores now is somewhere north of 430.

From the beginning, I loved selling tools and, to this day, try to learn as much as I can about them and the industry. I realized early on that folks were paying a lot more for their tools than they should. I decided to cut out the middleman and sell tools to customers directly from the factories. To this day, Harbor Freight’s mission is to deliver quality tools at the lowest possible prices.

Besides selling tools, I am greatly interested in education. In 2012 I funded the opening of a public charter school in downtown LA, Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School. In 2013 I directed Harbor Freight to donate $1.4 million in tools to LAUSD towards adult career education. I also enjoy collecting modern art and am on the boards of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Portland Art Museum. I am an active Democrat and have funded multiple fundraisers for Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as donated to local campaigns. Oh, and I’m a licensed jet aircraft pilot.

But my first love is still tools.

I wanted to create this blog to serve as an outlet for Harbor Freight news, deals, and any other events or thoughts I consider share-worthy. I hope you think so, too.


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